Monday, April 18, 2011

Fear of the front row. Please reconsider, at least for the sake of my neck.

Over the weekend I went to the movies and it started up a discussion, a trivial discussion but a discussion it was. It came about as a result leaving the ticket purchase up to 10 minutes before the session on a Sunday. We were faced with the choice of front row or none at all. While the pros and cons were discussed; will it be too painful to sit through a film whilst craning our necks only to have a warped view of these already oversize people or will the fact that is a comedy and perhaps an entertaining one at that make up for all the aches and pains? 

While the decision was being discussed amongst family, it struck me; this is ridiculous, why so close? I thought. Why position seats so close to such a large screen? Well apart from the fact that it is a business enterprise and obviously revenue is the aim, why? 

Yes, yes I know there actually has to be a front row (obviously) and maybe the discussion of whether it is too close will always be relevant as it is a relative issue but honestly, are you trying to inflict pain? If you must have seats so close consider a discount because no one really likes sitting that close do they? There is just no comfort it sitting so close. 

So after pondering this question I propose to those who specialist in cinematic comfort this; reconsider the closeness of the front row. If those employing you insist, tell them this; no one wants to purchase front row tickets if they don't have to so by moving the front row back you will always sell out. While there are suckers like me and my family who just must see the movie regardless of the row, many will just turn away. You will lose a sale; you may even incur many a complaint from those patrons who chose to subject themselves to such torture and in fact sit through a terrible film in a terrible seat. 

In conclusion, by moving the front row back just a bit so that those in the respective front row do not need to slide down and perch their buttocks on the edge of the seat to begin to view the screen, you will in actual fact improve the movie going experience and make for very happy customers who will continue to come back without fear of the front row.

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