Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was the only day this weekend Lew had off so we spent it just relaxing and roaming around our neighbourhood.

We walked up to Paris (le paris-go) where I ate my favourite dish , Spag bol. It is so yummy and just perfect for the horrible weather that we have been having lately. We then strolled home browsing the stores. I dragged Lew into the new Tuchuzy womens store (amazing), then onto a quick stop for coffee from the newly opened Sonoma. The staff are lovely and the bread is obviously amazing. After grabbing some ice cream and a few groceries we went back home and enjoyed a lazy afternoon with a cheese and dips platter, Apple TV and ice cream. Perfect end to the week.

Here is what I wore (and yes I am wearing sunglasses indoors but I literally about to walk out the door and doubled back to take a photograph of my outfit):

Dress: Witchery, Scarf: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Mink Pink.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Staple jewellery

These are the pieces I never take off. I absolutely love gold for delicate jewellery but then for precious jewellery I prefer white gold and platinum.

Jennifer Zeuner gold mini cross necklace

Jordy by Jordan Askill gold triple heart ring

4ct cushion cut aquamarine with pave halo and band

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Masterchef Inspired

Yesterday I had the day off and spent it with my mum. We had watched Masterchef a few nights before and had been inspired to try and pull off a Bombe Alaska (and we did). We decided to alter it slightly, the recipe on Masterchef was for coconut and cherry Bombe Alaska but we decided to do a Chocolate and Neapolitan Bombe. It turned out fantastically. 

Pre-alaskification, better known as pre-meringue

Post blow torch

Inside the bombe. Already devoured by 6 excitable guests.

After spending the day with mum and gathering all the ingredients we met up with my brothers to help one of them find a present for his girlfriend. While wandering around the shops I stumbled upon this gorgeous fur neckwarmer (or that's what I call it) and fell in love with it. My other brother saw how much I loved it and went back and got it for me as a surprise. So sweet! 

I absolutely love it. It is just so warm and cosy. Will be fantastic for the footy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too proud. Apologies in advance.

I must apologise in advance, this is a very sappy, self indulgent post. I am just so proud.

After 11 months sidelined by a hamstring injury it was the first game back. It was the most incredibly exciting, nerve-wracking and proud moment. I was just over the moon. I think he was too. While today he is sore and exhausted, it’s a moment I think he will hold onto, the pain is a reminder. On top of getting through the game and playing a great one, he got a fantastic pack mark which he then slotted through for a goal, only his 15th in his 134 game career (this isn’t that surprising considering is has played the majority of those games in the backline). Check it out here: Roberts-Thomson's Goal
Lewie inspires me. He makes me want to be the best version of myself. Throughout the last year, he’s been so strong and showed courage he could have fallen apart. This display makes me realise I can do anything, we can do anything together. We are strong together than we are alone.
Lew, I am so proud of you. I love you more than I can tell you and I will always be here for you. The result you achieved last night is testament to all your hard work and your incredible character. 
Love you.

Sydney Swans Ladies Lunch

On Friday I went to the Sydney Swans ladies lunch at the Convention centre in Darling Harbour.

I had been a bit sick leading up to it but I am so glad I went. It's a great day filled with recognition for the support of the female staff, the supporters of the club, and the mothers, wives, girlfriends and partners of the players.

My boyfriend (in a work capacity), his sister and mum were also attending so that made for a fun day, particular with this years addition of the photobooth.

Here is a little peak at the photobooth fun. I apologies for my blurry friends!

Along with the photobooth they offer complimentary manicures and massage available, which is just heaven but I always get worried after a massage I will end up with what me and my friends like to call "massage face". This is just essentially the links and crinkles that end up on your face after a massage, definitely not a good look in public.

The lunch is also a great chance to catch up with the girls, have a drink and get dressed up. This year I wore Camilla and Marc and Chanel.

 Dress and Blazer: Camilla and Marc, Booties: Tony Bianco

                             Bag: Chanel 2.55 Reissue