Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was the only day this weekend Lew had off so we spent it just relaxing and roaming around our neighbourhood.

We walked up to Paris (le paris-go) where I ate my favourite dish , Spag bol. It is so yummy and just perfect for the horrible weather that we have been having lately. We then strolled home browsing the stores. I dragged Lew into the new Tuchuzy womens store (amazing), then onto a quick stop for coffee from the newly opened Sonoma. The staff are lovely and the bread is obviously amazing. After grabbing some ice cream and a few groceries we went back home and enjoyed a lazy afternoon with a cheese and dips platter, Apple TV and ice cream. Perfect end to the week.

Here is what I wore (and yes I am wearing sunglasses indoors but I literally about to walk out the door and doubled back to take a photograph of my outfit):

Dress: Witchery, Scarf: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Mink Pink.

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  1. Love this outfit. It's chic...reminds me of Mary Kate Olsen!