Monday, July 11, 2011

Quite a change.

I made quite a huge dietary change last week. For health reasons I am trying a diet without red meat. My dietitian recommended that based on my blood type I should be a vegetarian. According to the Blood Type Diet (Eat Right for your Type) I can eat certain seafood, chicken and turkey, which keeps me happy and also makes the adjustment easier.

This is a large adjustment for the girl who always goes for the steak but I have been strong for a week now and I have been feeling better for it. I used to wake up each morning exhausted even though I had slept at least 8 hours. Now I wake up before the alarm, jump out of bed and last through the day with enough energy to hit the gym.

Whether this is a placebo effect or cutting out red meat is actually effecting me positively I am not sure but I like the results.

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