Monday, July 4, 2011

Zoe Foster's Amazing Face

Last Tuesday morning, I was lucky enough to be involved and host (aka door bitch) at the launch of Zoe Foster’s latest book Amazing Face. 

The event was co-ordinated by Sarah Lovell from Lovell Management and was held at the gorgeous Seasonal Concepts on Redfern road in Redfern. This incredible venue was full of fresh flowers, tea cups suspended from trees, chandeliers, not to mention taxidermy animals avec moustache (a little quirky trademark Zoe is known for. See here). It was like wonderland!

The book is incredible and I devoured it in one night. Amazing Face filled with must have products, how to's and every little trick you always wish you knew but never did about makeup, hair, skin, well really, all things beauty. I would recommend every woman, girl, man even, grab a copy asap and keep it in your handbag/manbag. You never know when you might need advice on the right shade of lipstick or how to hide the evidence of a big Sunday night out. 

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  1. the venue looks incredible!! def have to get my hands on this book!! xx